Getting skills and improving them in Skyrim

Below is a complete list of the abilities that are. To get the perk with the desired level, use the player.setav cheat code [skill ID] PowerMod [value]. For example, player.setav MarksmanPowerMod 50 will provide the ability to handle long-range weapons in Skyrim, developed to level 50.

There is also a cheat code advskill [skill ID] [value], which pumps the selected perk to the specified number of experience units (not levels).

It should be noted that you can change the level of skills not only in the positive, but also in the negative direction.

ability ID Effect on character
OneHanded Handling one-handed weapons
TwoHanded Using two-handed weapons in Skyrim
Marksman Cheat code for handling ranged weapons
Block Defense Mastery (Shield Use)
Smithing Blacksmithing Skills
HeavyArmor Wearing Skyrim Heavy Armor
LightArmor Cheat code for light armor skill
PickPocket Pickpocketing
Lockpicking Skyrim lock-breaking skill
Sneak Skill Skill
Alchemy Cheat code on the ability to create alchemical potions
Speechcraft Eloquence (more options in dialogs, discounts in stores, etc.)
Alteration Skyrim Alteration Mastery
Conjuration Cheat for owning various magic
Destruction Destruction Skill
Illusion Illusion Control Skill
Restoration Skyrim Recovery Ability
Enchanting Cheat code for various enchanting skills

Getting any dragon screams at Skyrim

The easiest way to expand your capabilities in this regard is to use the aforementioned psb cheat code, which, among other things, gives you access to all the dragon cries in Skyrim.

But there is a more precise way to get such spells. You can use the cheat code player.teachword [word ID], with the help of which in Skyrim you can learn three words in succession that make up a scream, and thereby unlock it.

Identifier Name of the scream
46B89 + 46B8A + 46B8B Call of the Dragon
13E22 + 13E23 + 13E24 Merciless Power
602A3 + 602A4 + 602A5 Ice Form Cheat
6029A + 6029B + 6029C The Stormy Call in Skyrim
20E17 + 20E18 + 20E19 Fire Breath
48ACA + 48ACB + 48ACC Slowing down time
2F7BB + 2F7BC + 2F7BD Cheat code for a rapid jerk
60291 + 60292 + 60293 Friendship with the beasts
3291D + 3291E + 3291F Elemental Fury
32917 + 32918 + 32919 Landlessness in Skyrim
5D16C + 5D16D + 5D16E Frosty Breath
602A0 + 602A1 + 602A2 Voice cast cheat code
5FB95 + 5FB96 + 5FB97 Disarmament
3CD31 + 3DC32 + 3CD33 Clear Sky
51960 + 51961 + 51962 Call of Valor in Skyrim
44251 + 44252 + 44253 Cheat code for the dragonfly
60297 + 60298 + 60299 Death sentence
60294 + 60295 + 60296 Aura Whisper
6029D + 6029E + 6029F The world of kin in Skyrim
3291A + 3291B + 3291C Cheat code for fright

Dawnguard Screams

02008A65 + 02008A64 + 02008A63 Draining Life
020030D4 + 020030D6 + 020030D7 Challenge Durniewir
02007CB7 + 02007CB8 + 02007CB9 Rupture of the soul
0201A162 + 0201A163 + 0201A164 Call from Cairn of Souls

Screams in Dragonborn Add-on

040200E4 + 040200E5 + 040200E6 Skyrim battle rage
040179D9 + 040179DA + 040179DB Submission of will
040200C2 + 040200C3 + 040200C4 Cyclone cheat code
0401DF93 + 0401DF94 + 0401DF95 Dragon Incarnation