Summon various objects in Skyrim

To create something near your character, use the player.placeatme cheat code [identifier] [number]. The number at the end is needed only if you want to get several selected objects in Skyrim at once. When you call one item, you can omit the number.

Craft Identifiers

000BAD0D Cheat code for a large pentagram of souls
000D5501 A small pentagram of souls in Skyrim
000BAD0C Large alchemy laboratory
000D54FF Small alchemy laboratory
000727A1 Tanning machine for leather finishing
0006E9C2 Cheat code on a stone sharpener
000BF9E1 Large Forge
000BBCF1 Very Large Sky Forge
0001A2AD Lets summon the anvil
0009C6CE Skyrim smelter
000D932F Workbench cheat code

Bag Identifiers

000B8F4B Brignolph's Wallet
000B8F40 Madesi's Skyrim Wallet
000FF20A Nystrom Wallet
000AF265 Cheat code for the Raids wallet
00085D53 Sartis Wallet
00043E29, 00043E2C, 00043E2D Wylandrim Wallets
000F03EE Jzar's Skyrim Bag
0001722D, 000B7879 Shoulder Bags
000F0402 Cheat code for Suma Sulla Trebatiy

Ballot Box Identifiers

0003278A Dwemer Box ID
0008B6F6 Skyrim Love Repository ID
0008B6F8 Gum Warehouse ID

Safe Identifiers

0004C6C6 Cheat code in Aringot
000D7770 Niranian
00102EB8 Scarlet Wave
000E82C2 Baradsheysky in Skyrim
000B8F48 Brignolph Safe
000B8F32 Grelch
00076F13 Madezian

Ingot Identifiers

0005ACE5 Steel Ingots
0005ACE4 Cheat code for iron
0005ACE3 Silver Bars
0005AD93 Corundum ingots
0005AD99 Orichalcum Ingots in Skyrim
0005AD9D Ebony Ingots
0005AD9E Gold Bars
0005ADA0 Mercury cheat code
000DB8A2 Dwarven metal ingot
0005ADA1 bars of refined malachite in Skyrim
0005AD9F Refined Moonstone Ingots

Chest Identifiers

0010FBF6 Vault Hearts Repository
00066181 Calixto Chest
0007CD37 Captain's Treasure
0010E7E5 Cheat code on confiscated goods
000267E7 With physical evidence
0003C59C Ingun treasure trove
0010DD41 Guild Chest
000B8589 Jorgen's Treasure at Skyrim
0004EC4F Mrakli Chest
00108D36 Containing the property of the captives
000DC173 Cheat code for Sabina’s chest
00023A6D With trophies from a wrecked ship
0002AC72 Items taken away
000EA299 Orphaned Chest
000B622D Keeper's treasurein Skyrim
00062F5D Flooded Chest
00087900 Empty Flooded Treasure
000D30CC Cheat code for the investigator’s chest
000D8E4B, 000D8E4C, 000D8E4D, 000D882F, 000D8830, 000D882D, 000D8831, 000D882E, 000D54C5 Thieves Guild Buyers' Treasure
000DDEF7 Velek Sejn's Chest
000F68AE Treasure of the head of the Guild