Cheats for Skyrim (console commands)

We present to you a list of all relevant codes with which you can get a huge set of advantages. Money, skills, armor, weapons, ability points, dragon souls and much more in Skyrim.

Many console commands are switches, that is, their effect after activation can be turned off again. By the presence of the mark you can recognize them in the table.

How to enter any cheats in Skyrim

To use console commands in Skyrim, press ~ (tilde), and then in the console that opens, enter the desired combination and apply the code with Enter.

Complete list of various cheats on Skyrim

Input Code Execution Result
tcl Gives your hero the ability to walk through walls
tgm Immortality mode. Nothing can do you any damage
tmm 1 Makes available all the points of fast movement on the map
psb Gives access to all screaming, talents and spells in Skyrim
killall All game characters near you die instantly
advlevel Cheat code allows you to instantly level up your character by one in Skyrim
tfc Activates the free camera mode with which you can explore the game world unlimitedly
tdetect Disables AI-controlled characters to notice your item theft
tcai Completely disables artificial intelligence for all computer characters in Skyrim
set timescale to [number] Allows you to control the passage of time, the more - the faster. Using zero will cause the game to stop completely
sexchange Instantly changes the gender of your hero to the opposite
showracemenu The cheat code includes the character editor, as at the start of the game in Skyrim. This allows you to edit your appearance at any time, which is usually impossible
player.setlevel [number] Sets the current level of your hero. The number must be in the range 1 to 255
player.setav invisibility 1 or 0 Turns on or off, respectively, the invisibility mode of the protagonist
player.modav carryweight [number] Instantly increases the maximum weight you carry by the specified number
player.setav speedmult [number] Instantly changes the speed of your character in Skyrim
player.setscale [number] Allows you to change the growth of the protagonist. The unit is 100%: when entering, for example, the number 3, you will become three times higher
setgs fJumpHeightMin [number] Cheat code sets the jumping height for your character in Skyrim
player.setav [parameter] [number] Makes the selected characterization of the protagonist equal to the specified number. Available options: health (health), magicka (mana), stamina (stamina)
player.setav attackdamagemult [number] Changes the damage of all your weapons to the selected number of times in Skyrim
player.setav leftweaponspeedmult [number] Changes the attack speed of the weapon in the hero’s left hand by the specified number of times
player.setav weaponspeedmult [number] Changes the attack speed with a weapon in the character’s right hand a selected number of times
player.additem 0000000F [number] Allows you to get the specified amount of gold
player.additem 0000000A [number] The cheat code gives your character the selected number of skeleton keys in Skyrim
player.setcrimegold 0 Allows you to nullify the reward for your head, if any
player.moveto [Character ID] Instantly moves you to the selected game character
coc qasmoke Moves your character to the Skyrim location for testing
coc [Location ID] Teleport to the specified location. For example, coc riverwood will take you to Riverwood
player.setpos [x, y, z] Teleport to a specific point in the game world corresponding to the specified coordinates
player.getpos [coordinates] The cheat code allows you to get the coordinates of the position where your character is currently in Skyrim
player.removeallitems Completely cleans your inventory by removing all items in it
kill Instant death of the character or creature currently selected by the cursor
resurrect Allows you to resurrect an NPC whose cursor is on the corpse
resetai Clears the memory of the character currently selected in Skyrim by the cursor. Make him forget everything you talked to about before
openactorcontainer Shows the inventory of the target that the cursor is hovering over
removeallitems The cheat code will completely clear the inverter of the target you specified in Skyrim
equipitem [Item ID] Allows you to give the character the cursor is over any item
duplicateallitems player Your character’s inventory in Skyrim will be a complete copy of the inventory of the selected target
resetinventory Resets the property of the selected NPC to its original state
setownership Will make the item you selected with the cursor your property
unlock Allows you to open any locks without master keys and other. Select with the same cursor
markfordelete Cheat code instantly deletes the selected item, character or creature in Skyrim
showquesttargets Displays the identifier (ID) of the job that you are currently performing
getstage [quest ID] Shows at what stage the player is in the specified task
sqs [quest ID] Displays information about the selected task in Skyrim, including all its stages
setstage [quest ID] [stage] Moves to the specified stage of the selected task
movetoqt [quest ID] Instantly moves you to the job completion point
resetquest [quest ID] The cheat code resets the specified task in Skyrim so that it can be passed again
player.modav dragonsouls [number] Adds to your character the specified number of dragon souls in Skyrim
player.setav shoutrecoverymult [number] Sets the cooldown of screams. Use the number 0 to completely remove the cooldown

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