Enchanting items and weapons

To improve something, write in the PlayerEnchantObject console [item identifier] [enchantment 1] [enchantment 2]. It is advisable to do this with items not yet changed. In addition, we recommend upgrading an enchantment skill of 100 points or more.

The following improvements affect your skills when using this item.

0008B65C Enhances your alchemy in Skyrim
0007A0FE Improves shooting skills
0007A104 Trade Skill Cheat Code
0007A0F3 Increases Shield and Weapon Blocking
0007A0F9 Wearing heavy armor in Skyrim
0007A0FB Improves the wearing of light armor
0007A0FC Boosts your cracker skills
0007A0FF Cheat code for handling one-handed weapons
0007A106 Use of a two-handed weapon in Skyrim
0007A100 Improves your pickpocketing skills
0007A102 Boosts Blacksmithing
0007A103 Positive for stealth skill

The item is endowed with bonuses to the characteristics of the character

00049504 Cheat code to increase your mana supply
000493AA Increases Max Health
00049507 Increases your Skyrim Stamina
0007A0FD Increases mana regeneration rate
0007A0F8 Cheat code to accelerate health recovery
0007A105 Increases Power Recovery Speed ​​

The item will add character resistance to the elements

00048C8B Fire Resistance in Skyrim
00048F45 Resistance to low temperatures
00100E60 Disease resistance cheat code
000B7A35 Magic Resistance
000FF15E Skyrim Poison Resistance
00049295 Lightning Damage Resistance

Other effects from enchanting items

0007A0F4 Cheat code does not increase the weight limit
00092A57 Increase Silent Movement
00092A48 Skyrim Diving Duration
0010E809 Reduces the use of magical energy by items by 3%
0008850D Screams will recover 20% faster
00017120 Armor Upgrade Cheat Code
000F82FF Provides access to becoming a werewolf in Skyrim
000FF15C Stealth attacks with one-handed weapons now do double damage

Adding Modifiers with Enchantment

0004605A Fire Damage Modifier
0004605B Cold attack cheat code
0004605C Electric attack in Skyrim
0010582E Extra damage by standards
00105831 Increased damage when attacking animals
000FEFBC The light of Meridia, which causes panic on the undead and puts it to flight
000AA155 Cheat for absorbing enemy health
000AA156 Allows you to absorb enemy mana
000AA157 Power exhaustion in Skyrim
0003B0B1 Extra Night Damage
0001EA77 Cheat Panic Effect for Weapons
0005B46B Allows you to scare the undead during attacks in Skyrim
0001EA6E Paralyzes the target for a short time on impact
0004DBA3 The ability to capture souls with weapons
001019D6 CheatOD for Electric Damage and Blacksmith Skill Enhancement
0002C593 Gives access to elemental rage and increased battle speed