Identifiers. Armor, weapons and more in Skyrim

To get the desired result, use the player.additem [identifier] [numerical value] command. The following is a list of various Skyrim items that can be obtained using this cheat code.

Identifier Item Name

Daedric Armor Set

One of the best in the game. There is a minus - the Stendarra sentinels will always attack you because of a faction conflict

0001396B Cheat code gives you daendric armor
0001396A Regular boots of this set in Skyrim
000D7A8C Shoes with 50% fire resistance
000D7A8B Silent Boots
000D7A8A Cheat code for shoes with an increase in carry weight by 50
0001396D Skyrim helmet ID
0001396C Gives you the gauntlets from this set
0001396E Regular Shield of the Daendric Set
000D7AF9 Shield with 70% resistance to electricity
000D7AF6 Cheat code for a shield giving 70% resistance to cold
0010DFA3 Darim shield with 22% magic resistance in Skyrim

Carapace of Dragon Armor

00013966 Gives you the armor from this set
00013965 Dragonhide Armor Boots
00013967 Gauntlet Cheat Code
00013969 Helmet of this set in Skyrim
00013968 Shell Shield Set

Scaled Dragon Armor

0001393E Gives you the armor from this set
0001393D Scale Dragonhide Boots
0001393F Gauntlet Cheat Code
00013940 Helmet of this set in Skyrim
00013941 Scale Set Shield

Daedric weapons

000139B4 Lets get the poleax
0001DDFB Infernal pole ax cheat code (+30 fire damage)
0001DFCB Stormy Ax (+30 Electric Damage, -15 Magic Stock)
000139B5 Getting onions in Skyrim
0001DFEF Petrification Bow with a chance to paralyze the enemy for 6 seconds
0001DFE6 Infernal Bow (+30 Fire Damage)
0001DFE9 Cheat code for winter onions (+30 cold damage, -15 power reserve)
0001DFF2 Stormy Bow (+30 Electric Damage, -15 Magic Stock)
0001DFFC Skyrim's Sacred Bow to Escape Undead up to level 40
000139B6 Lets get a dagger
000139B7 Two-handed sword
000139B8 Mace cheat code
000139B9 Ordinary Sword
000139B3 battle ax
000139BA War Hammer

Get Unique Weapons

000F1AC1 Dragon Beach in Skyrim. Gives +10 Electric Damage and +40 Damage Against Dragons
000F5D2D Cheat code for Pale Blade. +25 frost damage, reducing the enemy’s power reserve and the ability to put a lower level enemy to flight
000956B5 Wootrad. This weapon is highly effective against Skyrim elves
000B3DFA Eye of Crayon. Causes fiery explosions that deal 40 damage and set fire to targets in a specific area
000A4DCE Cheat code for Bloodthorn. If you kill him with an enemy in 3 seconds, your soul stone will charge
00053379 Fierce. +15 cold damage, as well as weakening the enemy in Skyrim
000F8317 Cooler. +30 Cold Damage and a chance to cause an enemy paralysis by 2seconds
0001C4E6 Cheat code for Ax of Sorrow. Each hit weakens the enemy by 20 points of power reserve
00035369 Staff of Magnus. Absorbs enemy magic in Skyrim at a speed of 20 units per second. If the enemy is not magical or the stock has run out, health will be absorbed
0010076D Staff of Hevnorak. It strikes the enemy with lightning, inflicting 50 units per second and causing shock for 30 seconds
000AB704 Cheat code for the Holder's Staff. Weak opponents calm down for a minute. Killing with this staff allows you to collect enemy souls
000E5F43 Staff of Yurik Goldurson. Additionally deals 25 damage and slightly weakens enemies in Skyrim
00094A2B Ghostblade. Additionally deals 3 points of damage while ignoring enemy armor
000AB703 Cheat code for the Red Eagle Curse. It is effective against undead levels up to 13, igniting it and taking to flight
0009FD50 Rage of the Red Eagle. +5 fire damage, and also allows you to set fire to your target in Skyrim
000B994E Valdar's Happy Dagger. Critical strike chance increased by 25% of current value
0006A093 Cheat code for Tandil's Staff. Disarm people and creatures at levels up to 12, preventing them from attacking for a minute

Artifact IDs

000240D2 Razor of Merunes. Allows with a 1.2% probability to instantly kill any enemy in Skyrim
000233E3 Mace of Molag Bal. With each strike, it takes away from your opponent 25 supply of strength and magic. Fills your soul stone if you kill an enemy with this weapon in 3 seconds
0004E4EE Cheat code for the Shine of Dawn. Additionally, it deals 10 points of damage, and can also cause an undead accelerating explosion in a certain area
000EA29C Ebonite Blade. An attack with this weapon is not regarded by the enemy as an attack
0002ACD2 Volendrang. Absorbs 50 units of the enemy’s power reserve in Skyrim with each hit
0002AC6F Cheat code on Wabbajek. Characterized by random effects on every new hit
0001CB36 Rosa Sanguine. When using this weapon in Skyrim, a snooze is invoked for 60 seconds
00035066 Skull of Corruption. Additionally deals 20 damage. When collecting dreams from sleeping people, the damage increases to 50
0002AC61 Cheat code for the Skin of the Savior. + 50% Resistance to Poison and + 15% Magical Defense
00052794 Ebonite Mail. Your movement becomes quieter. Close to standing enemies deals 5 poison damage per second
000D2846 Clavicus Vile mask. Eloquence is increased by 10 points. Skyrim merchants prices drop by 20%
00045F96 Spellbreaker cheat code. When blocking an attack with this item, he can absorb up to 50 magic damage
0002C37B Ring of Namira. +50 Stamina, you can eat corpses, increasing health and regeneration rate
0002AC60 Hirsin's Ring. If you are a werewolf in Skyrim, get an additional opportunity to transform
0001A332 Cheat code for Ogma Infinum. Very useful book
00063B27 Star of Azura. Endless Soul Gems in Skyrim
0003A070 Skeleton Key. Skeleton Key with Endless Strength

Potions IDs

00039BE5 Complete Health Recovery
00039BE7 Cheat code for full magic stock recovery
00039CF3 Restore strength to the maximum level
00073F34 A poison potion in Skyrim that deals 65 damage
00039D12 Enchanting Elixir
00039967 Blacksmith Elixir

Arrow IDs

00038341 Falmer
00034182 Ancient Nordic Arrows
000236DD Dart Cheatand
00020F02 Rusty Iron
00020DDF Iron
000139C0 Daedric
000139BF Ebony Arrows
000139BE Glass in Skyrim
000139BD Elven
000139BC Dwarven Arrows
000139BB Orc cheat code
0001397F Steel

Summon Item Chests

000C2CDF Enchanted Skyrim Weapon Kit
000C2CD7 With enchanted armor, jewelry
000C2CE0 Cheat code for a treasure with standard weapons
000C2CD6 Skyrim Standard Armor Chest
000C2CDE Getting one of the staves to choose from
000C2CD8 Armor and Jewelry Set
0010D9FF Cheat code for skills books chest
000C2CD9 With Spellbooks
000C2D3B With regular books
000C2CD4 Skyrim Arrow Set
000C2CDA Ingredient Chest
000C2CDB Keychain Cheat Code
000C2CE1 Skyrim Magic Scroll Set
000C2CE2 Box of medicines, magic elixirs, potions