The main list of events in Crusader Kings 2

To activate the event, use the command event [identifier] .

Cheats for various events in Crusader Kings 2

SoA.3000 Var. 1 launch chain of the mystical event "Child of Satan". Launch for a character with a child under 3 years old.
SoA.3001 [Child ID] Var. 2 starts of the chain of the mystical event "Child of Satan". Run for the child himself.
RIP.21000 launches a chain of mystical events on the unique trait "Immortality"
SoA.5350 Launches the chain of the mystical event "Joan of Arc" (the local Joan of Arc appears with good parameters)
6355 Launches the mysterious event "Kthulhu Slayer"
HL.1001 [character] Launches the chain of the mystical event "Wolf Blood" (Werewolf's Formation) (It is advisable to enter the ID of the child to whom you want to attribute the "Wolf Child" because the beginning of the event is crooked and we will carry out fraud if you can calmly on the ruler)
RIP.30220 Launches "Chess with Death" the essence is simple you win live and get some kind of buff, or you lose and die. Game Master + Drunkard=100% victory at death (no need to cheat or sacrifice someone)
Genius + Drunkard/Hedonist/Master Seducer/Kolosazhatel=100% victory at death (no need to cheat or sacrifice someone)
Master of the game=85% chance of victory with the victim or 80% without sacrifice
ZE.15000 makes the horse a new chancellor (You can transfer the land for the fan and play for the "Horse") (Just remove the "Dumb" "Dumb" with the help of the "Horses" traits)
SSI.1 and SSI.3 Aztec invasion
60200 - 60207 The chain of events about the Seljuks (Strange events it is better to wait for their appearance on their own)
86000 launches "On the Hajj" chain of events
MNM.6000 Launches a chain with Assassins (works only with Arabs)
10030 The Chain of the Fun People event (Robin Hood)
70,000 Launches a tournament event
71000 fires the wandering knights event
LoR.20 For those who are too lazy to create the Roman Empire. Immediately becomes the emperor of VRI and if you play for the duke you calmly become the owner of tremendous power
TOG.3110 Your son will be taken to the Varangian Guard
LoR.860 at the event of the Greek fire for the Byzantines (Maybe someone needs it)
RoI.10000 [Character ID] Reincarnation. If you enter your character’s ID, it won’t work
MNM.1448 Adds +100 current currency (mana) to your community (righteousness for religious communities, secret knowledge for Hermetists, etc.)
MNM.6005 subtracts 200 coins, and adds +100 of your community’s current currency (mana) (righteousness for religious communities, secret knowledge for Hermetists, etc.)
MNM.1840 Adds +10 current currency (mana) to your community (righteousness for religious communities, secret knowledge for Hermetists, etc.)
MNM.10024 Will make you the head of the community and add +1000 of the current currency (mana) of your community (righteousness for religious communities, secret knowledge for Hermetists, etc.)
MNM.9100 launches an event with a jeweler, it lasts about a year.
MNM.9115 Launches an event with a blacksmith, also lasts about a year.
RIP.4017 + 25% fertility, traits lustful and homosexual, +2 pregnant mistresses (too effective Viagra)
RIP.4018 + 10% fertility
RIP.11705 Increases the amount of space for buildings (In the capital)
RIP.11704 + 25% to city taxes and -200 piety or +200 piety (Jewish immigrants) (In the capital)
RIP.11707 +0.50 prestige monthly (building a statue in the capital)
RIP.11708 + 50% to ships (commercial port) (In the capital)
RIP.11709 +0.03 to technology points (scientific institute) (In the capital)
RIP.11710 + 25% to the speed of technology diffusion (Great Library) (In the capital)
RIP.11711 + 25% to church taxes and 0.25 piety monthly (religious center) (In the capital)
RIP.11713 for 50 gold (dismantling the statue)
RIP.11716 -15% to the speed and cost of construction (logging) (In the capital)
RIP.11717 + 10% to taxes and -10% to the cost of buildings (mines) (In the capital)
RIP.14010 +25 to the opinion of church vassals and +100 to piety or 100 prestige and 2 diplomacy (solar eclipse)
RIP.29302 gives Ambidextr, +1 to martial art, +2 to combat skills
RIP.30050 Implementation of the Law of Inheritance Equal Section
WoL.5200 Gift Pet - Puppy
RIP.13006 Pet Appearance - Cat
MNM.7815 Modifiers to various supernatural beasts. “Cat-Familiar” +3 intrigue “Wolf-Familiar” +2 military +1 intrigue “Owl-Familiar” +1 intrigue +2 education and “Raven-Familiar” +1 intrigue +2 control (you can choose only 1 mod.)
8200 The authority of the Catholic Church (overthrown the antipope) + 5% for 50 years (You can enter it many times, the effect is summed up.)
8300 to receive the ruler features "Crusader"
8301 Obtaining the “Mujahideen” (analogue of the “Crusader”)
8400 Calling Christians for a crusade
8340 We find the "Holy of Fate" + 100 prestige
8342 to find the Holy Grail + 200 prestige
8460 You can remove excommunication for those who join the crusade
20000 Increases Papa’s Opinion
38020 Replenish the treasury at the expense of the church
39660 The advent of the Crusade (Will be activated no earlier than 900g)
39671 The emergence of Jihad (Will be activated no earlier than 900g)
39680 Appearance of the "Wrath of the Old Gods" or pagan campaign (Will be involved no earlier than 900g)
60010 to transition to the Catholic Church
60011 Transition to Orthodoxy
60012 Transition to Sunnism
60013 Transition to Shiism
60014 to transition to Nestorianism
75004 Increases church opinion by 25
TOG.6000 If you play for Zoroastrianism you get the Saoshiyant line and you play for Persia
44482 +1 authority for 20 years
39226 button 1: authority +2 for 10 years and +10 piety; button 2: authority -2 for 10 years, -25 piety, deterioration by -15 relations with the head of religion for 2 years (if any)
39230 button 1: authority +1 for 10 years, +10 piety and release one Orthodox priest who owns the church if he served 100 days (if there is one in captivity); button 2: authority -1 for 10 years, -25 piety and -25 prestige
39240 (or 39260 | 39270) on button 2: authority -1 for 10 years
SoA.4112 authority -2 for 20 years
SoA.4114 authority +2 for 20 years
SoA.4132 authority -1 for 20 years
SoA.4134 +1 authority for 20 years
39300 +1 money intrigue
39301 +1 money diplomacy
39302 +1 money management
39303 +1 money education
39304 +1 military for money
65006 Intrigue +1
65010 +1 Education
70027 on To diplomacy +1
70028 To diplomacy -1
70029 +1 Management
70030 To management -1
900 on the success of the religious mission of the confessor (Do you want to change in other provinces, run the ruler with the army to a certain province)
55000 Event on the change of culture (Do you want to change in other regions, run the same rulers in all provinces)
90002 Strong brand on the province where the ruler’s army is located
SoA.1060 to usurp all the titles of your vassals and become independent if you were a vassal
261 The Parish of Marshal
WoL.5065 During the hunt you find a hut with a beautiful girl (Mistress)
SoA.200 upon arrival at the court of the counselor of the Jew (Diplomat)
SoA.201 Arriving at the court of the counselor of the Jew (Manager)
SoA.202 Arriving at the Court of the Counselor of the Jew (Spy)
LoR.885 A caravan of merchants with a free eunuch comes
62321 gives a Viking landing (It also gives ships) + an enchantment with a high combat skill and a random set of traits arrives at the courtyard. (Free and non-replenishing). (23k troops worked flawlessly for the Vikings) (For Byzantium, something 3k was only stable) It works everywhere
62320 Gives Viking landing + ships (free and non-replenishing) (It works well for everyone, at least for Wessex, Byzantium and Essex) (There are ships crookedly with states without a sea border, but there are no troops)
246 increases the level of leadership talent by one step. If there was a failed commander, then he became a seasoned warrior, etc. Up to a brilliant strategist. (Not always working as it should)
248 Gets the Military Knowledge Modifier
923 Manager trigger.
3124 Lower prices or increase construction speed by -33.0%
10105 to donate a bull to close the gates of hell - -50 coins, +5 management, +2 general opinion, - 1 church opinion for 5 years.
10106 To fill the gates of hell - +5 military, +4 opinion of vassals, +0.5 increase in prestige by 5 years.
20200 Collects special tithe
20230 to receive the Architect Modifier
20392 + 10% random military technology.
20410 Gives tax reinforcement
20260 + 10% random cultural technology.
39303 on a young artist working on the icon of John the Baptist. +1 education and -N gold (differently gives how much he needs)
73000 Great writer suggests compiling your family annals.
75002 Reduces the risk of rebellion by 5% or increases the tax by 0.1
73004 Talented artist suggests painting a portrait
78015 for the fertility of the ruler + 5%, you can download for a long time
72110 +5 to the opinion of vassals until the end of the year.
75120 Increases the pace of development of military technology by 100%
76021 Ruler loses the bastard feature
WoL.530 for seducing a handmaid (There is a choice with a modification useful)
WoL.5000 Event for receiving a modifier (out of four possible: deer, bear, tiger and lion)
96500 Military traits (Each event has different traits of combat skills)
96501 Military Traits
96502 for military traits
96503 Military Traits
500 Ordinary wedding gives money or piety
501 for the wedding of the Idus
502 Rich Christian Wedding
450 Beginning of a love relationship with the character N
64025 in order to love your wife.
24504 The event of the birth of twins. You need to enter two times in a row on a pause to work (Another event is just for a child)
24506 Concludes a random court/vassal person
38010 to ask vassals to help with gold
38011 Financial Assistance Request
30034 Your ruler is going out of prison
RIP.11705 adds a free cell for the foundation of the holding (castle/city, etc.) Expenses: 70 gold
RIP.11719 Gives a place of worship (+ 25% temple tax 0.25 Piety per month) Costs: 43.3 gold
RIP.11709 A community of scientists appears (0.03 to all sciences per month) Costs: 28.5 gold
RIP.11710 to the great library (+ 25% to research distribution) Costs: 14.47
RIP.11711 The province can become a religious center (Like Jerusalem) Costs: 28.95
RIP.11716 Logging (-15% construction time and cost) Costs: 14.47
RIP.11717 for the miners guild (-10% construction cost + 10% taxes from all) Costs: 14.47
RIP.11721 Military sites (+ 15% to the size of the army in the region) Costs: 43.43
RIP.11706 Applying to the region's culture Expenses: 28.95
RIP.11704 for a Jewish settlement + 25% tax from the city (Logically, this is after all Jews) Costs: 28.95
RIP.11707 The majestic monument (+0.50 prestige) Costs: 43.43
RIP.11708 Trading Harbor (+ 50% ships) Costs: 14.47
91200 to reduce the decline of the dynasty by 2
91218 Increase the decline of the dynasty by 2
88750 Carrying Out the Fatwa
88250 to host Furusia (or Fursia)
8500 Founding of the crusader castle in the holy land
8502 Establish a crusader castle in your capital
8518 on the appearance of the castle in Hebron
8606 The appearance of the castle in the province of Tire
8611 The appearance of the castle in the province of Acre
8616 The appearance of the castle in the province of Tiberias
8702 on the appearance of the Teutonic Order (See condition of appearance)
8723 This is in order to find the Duke of the Teutonic Order
6223 Lord of the Flies tells us to stop being moderate in food.
6224 talking to Satan.
6227 We hear Asmodeus who says that being faithful to your wife is bad.
6228 Again Asmodeus! It convinces us that we need to be lustful, otherwise nothing.
6229 Again Satan. He discourages being patient.
6230 to someone’s voice from the Underworld, which changes our worldview radically and we are no longer patient phlegmatic, but angry choleric.
6235 Mammon takes the line generous.
6236 Instead of generous, we become greedy at the behest of Mammon
6237 Leviathan wears out being good
6238 makes Leviathan out of good to make us envious
6239 Belgefort takes away the diligent trait from us
6240 Bellefegor from diligent makes us lazy