Cheats for Crusader Kings 2 (console commands)

We present to you a list of all relevant codes with which you can get a huge set of advantages. Cheats for changing skills, claims, character traits, illnesses, artifacts and much more in CK 2.

Codes in this game are divided into two categories. The first type is ordinary console commands. Enter some combination in Crusader Kings 2, press Enter and the effect instantly applies.

The second type of command is events. The fact is that in CK 2 there are a large number of different in-game events, many of which give very significant effects, therefore they are used as cheats. You can learn more about these types of teams on the pages dedicated to them.

In addition, some console commands in Crusader Kings 2 are switches, that is, by re-entering their effect can be canceled. By the presence of the mark you can recognize such codes for CK 2 in the table.

How to enter any cheats in Crusader Kings 2

All commands are registered using the console. To open it and start entering codes, press ~ (tilde) while playing CK 2.

Table with all cheats for Crusader Kings 2

Input Code Execution Result
charinfo 1 Displays the identifier and other hidden character data when hovering over a portrait. Will help in the application of other console commands
add_diplomacy [Character ID] [number] Changes the level of diplomacy (no more than 100, like the following)
add_intrigue [Character ID] [number] Sets the skill of intriguing the specified person in CK 2
add_learning [Character ID] [number] Changes the level of education
add_martial [Character ID] [number] Sets the skill of the military craft
add_stewardship [Character ID] [number] Cheat code changes management skill in Crusader Kings 2
age [character ID] +/- [number] Allows you to change the age in one direction or another. For example, +20 or -15
banish [Character ID] Exiles the specified person from your yard
capital [province ID] The capital is transferred to the specified area in CK 2
cash [number] Adds you gold (5000, if you do not specify a value)
clr_focus [Character ID] Removes the current focus from the selected person
claim [province ID] [Character ID] Cheat code allows you to fabricate claims for a specified area in Crusader Kings 2
culture [Character ID] Changes the culture of the selected person
decadence +/- [number] Changes the level of decline of the Muslim dynasty. For example, +10 or -5
infamy [number] Sets your level of dishonor in CK 2
enable_ambition [Character ID] Allows the specified person to give up ambition and choose a new one
give_birth [Character ID] Makes a pregnant woman give birth instantly
imprison [Character ID] [Character ID] Cheat code sends the first person to jail to the second person in Crusader Kings 2
kill [Character ID] Causes instant death of the selected person
move [Character ID] [Character ID] Moves the first person (he should not have land) to the yard to the second
neg_opinion [Character ID] [Character ID] The first person will become much worse towards the second
piety [number] Adds piety to CK 2 (5000, unless specified)
die Will cause you death without external causes
play [Character ID] Cheat code switches game for the specified person in Crusader Kings 2. Deletes your chronicle every time you switch
prestige [number] Adds prestige (5000 if you do not enter a value)
score [number] Increases your score in CK 2
secret_religion [Character ID] [religion] Establishes the secret belief of the chosen person
techpoints Adds 1000 points in all scientific areas
religion [Character ID] [religion] Changes the religion of the specified person
allow_laws Cheat code instant adoption of any laws in Crusader Kings 2
real_fathers Shows the real fathers in the family tree
discover_plots Enables automatic conspiracy detection
quickbuild Construction in CK 2 takes just one day
fow [province ID] Removes the fog of war from the area. You can omit it, and then you will see the whole map
marry_anyone Allows you to marry anyone (including relatives)
murder [Character ID] [Character ID] Cheat code forces the first person to kill the second in Crusader Kings 2
pollinate [Character ID] [Character ID] Creates a pregnancy. First in line is mother, then father
cuckoo [Character ID] [Character ID] For pregnancy with an unknown father. First in line is mother, then father
add_lover [Character ID] [Character ID] These people in CK 2 will become lovers
add_friend/remove_friend [Character ID] [Character ID] Begins or ends accordingly friendship between the selected people. If you specify only one person, the effect will apply to you
add_rival/remove_rival [Character ID] [Character ID] Begins or ends, respectively, rivalry between the specified people. If you specify only one person, the effect will apply to you
show_all_societies The cheat code shows all the societies on their list in Crusader Kings 2
observe Switches to observer mode without playing for any person
favor_get/favor_grant [Character ID] Makes you a debtor to the selected person or makes you your debtor accordingly
join_society/leave_society [society] Join or leave the company in CK 2 respectively
society_rank_up/down [number] Increase or decrease the rank in society by the specified number of steps (1, if you do not enter a value)
society_currency [number] Adds a level of power in society (5000, if you do not enter a value)
set_society_grandmaster Cheat code makes you head of society in Crusader Kings 2
province_religion [province ID] [religion] Sets the region religion in CK 2
add_offmap_currency offmap_china [number] Adds the mercy of the Chinese Emperor

Other cheats for benefits in Crusader Kings 2

The ability to trick in this game is not limited to the above list of teams. We suggest you try some more unique sets of codes and other options for gaining benefits in the CK 2 strategy.

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Cheat codes for Crusader Kings 2