Developer mode in Mount and Blade (known as cheat menu)

Starting with the Warband add-on, in addition to codes, the game also has the opportunity to use the developer mode (cheat menu). To activate it, you need to use the key combination Ctrl or Shift + ~, and then in the appeared line write “cheatmenu”.

In addition to debugging information, this cheat code allows you to control the weather, sail on ships, use special options when talking with lords, in camps, etc., teleport to special locations, get any item in Mount and Blade: Warband etc. To disable the mode, you must dial "nocheatmenu" in the same way.

The options that the cheat menu provides, you will see as new items in various standard game menus, such as a camp or city screen. Look carefully at all of them so as not to miss any opportunities. Moreover, no other cheat codes in Mount and Blade can be obtained like this.