Character upgrade without cheat codes (file editing)

The game Mount and Blade has the ability to export your character, which in theory is intended to be able to import it into another version of the game or modification in the future, since it will not be possible to continue playing with them at the same save. In this case, the export takes place in a regular text file with code, all the parameters of which can be edited, which is the loophole for this cheat.

How to upgrade your character by changing the parameters in the file

To perform the export, you need to go into the game, open the Character window, and there click on the Statistics button. You will see a menu in which you will need to export the hero. After that, you open the directory C: \ Users \ Username \ Documents \ Mount & Blade (Warband, if there is this add-on) and find the desired file in the CharExport folder. Here are its parameters that will replace cheat codes for you:

Parameter Name Characteristics in the game
name Character name in Mount and Blade (cannot be changed)
xp The amount of experience (the level of the hero depends on this)
money Amount of money (not to use cheat code on them)
attribute_points Free score points (Strength, Agility, etc.)
skill_points Cheat code for skill points (shield ownership, tactics, etc.)
weapon_points Free Weapon Points in Mount and Blade
strength Cheat code to increase the value of force
agility Dexterity Value
intelligence Intelligence Characteristic Value
charisma Charisma Enhancement Cheat

In addition, the file also contains all the other character attributes in Mount and Blade that can be edited. After you finish working with him, the hero obtained by cheats will need to be imported in the same way. In general, this pumping method is much more convenient than manually leveling using codes and the subsequent distribution of parameters manually.