All working cheats for Mount and Blade: Warband

We present to you a list of all relevant codes with which you can get a huge set of advantages. Cheats for killing any opponents, getting money, experience, moving around the map and much more in Mount and Blade, as well as its add-ons: Warband, Viking Conquest, With Fire and Sword and so on.

Please note: if you are the owner of a licensed version on Steam, when you activate the codes, you will temporarily not be able to receive achievements on this platform. When you disable the option, everything will return as it was.

Many of the specified commands in Mount and Blade are switches in nature, that is, by re-entering their effect can be canceled. By using the tag, you can recognize them in the tables below.

How to enter any cheats in Mount and Blade

To use the codes, you must first activate this feature in the launcher before the game. This is done like this: after opening the Mount and Blade: Warband start menu, go to the "Configure" item and in the "Game" tab, activate the "Enable Cheats" option by checking the box.

Cheats in Mount and Blade: Warband for battles

Input Code Execution Result
Ctrl + F3 Deals damage to your own character
Ctrl + H Allows you to fully replenish the health of your hero
Ctrl + Shift + H Heals your horse completely
Ctrl + F5 Enables the management of your character with artificial intelligence, allowing you to watch the battle without having to play it yourself
Ctrl + F9 Activates slow-motion (strong deceleration of all actions)
Ctrl + F11 Cheat code pauses current battle in Mount and Blade: Warband
Ctrl + F4 Stuns one random soldier from the ranks of your opponents.
Note on stunning: against enemies in armor it will take two or more clicks, since these teams work by inflicting certain damage, which may not be enough
Ctrl + Alt + F4 Stuns all your current opponents at once
Ctrl + F6 Stuns one of your own allies
Ctrl + Shift + F6 Stuns all allied soldiers of your army

In addition, in mass battles, when a player uses stun cheats in Mount and Blade: Warband, there is often a strong overload of the kill log due to too many enemies killed at the same time. As a result, the list disappears from the screen, and any new information ceases to appear even after the end of the battle.

However, restarting Mount and Blade: Warband is not necessary because of this. Just do not use even more codes, and after a while the game will consider that it "showed" all the old information, and then the log will continue to work.

Cheats for money and upgrade in Mount and Blade

Input Code Execution Result
Ctrl + X Adds 1000 experience (on the screen of your character or companion)
Ctrl + L Adds 29999 experience (on the screen of your character or companion)
Ctrl + W Improves all weapon handling skills for your character
Ctrl + X Gives 1000 money (on the inventory or trade screen in Mount and Blade)
Ctrl + T Allows you to see everything (except the bandit shelters) on the global map
Ctrl + Left Click Teleports you to a selected point on the map (point with the mouse)

Warning: do not upgrade your character in Mount and Blade in any way above level 62. This will break the game: the level will sharply become very high, and other lords will receive huge armies and stop coming out of castles.

Other cheats for Mount and Blade: Warband

The ability to trick in this game is not limited to the above list of teams. We suggest you try some more unique sets of codes and other options for gaining benefits in the game Mount and Blade.

Developer mode: receiving items, etc.

If you have the Warband add-on, you can use the cheat menu . It will open a lot of new things, allowing you to receive items, control the world of Mount and Blade, open new options in dialogs and more. Learn moreher .

Character upgrade through in-game files

With save editing , you can easily strengthen your character. What is important, a full leveling of a character in this way takes much less time than through codes inside the game itself. Learn more .