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Getting idea groups at Europa Universalis 4

The add_idea_group cheat code [idea group id] adds your state to the specified idea group in Europa Universalis 4.

Complete list of idea groups at Europa Universalis 4

ID for cheats Group Name
aristocracy_ideasAristocratic Ideas
plutocracy_ideasPlutocratic Ideas
innovativeness_ideasInnovative Ideas
religious_ideasReligious Ideas
spy_ideasEspionage Ideas
diplomatic_ideasDiplomatic Ideas
offensive_ideasOffensive Ideas
defensive_ideasDefensive Ideas
trade_ideasTrade Ideas
economic_ideasEconomic Ideas
exploration_ideasExploration Ideas
naval_ideasNaval Ideas
quality_ideasQuality Ideas
quantity_ideasQuantity Ideas
expansion_ideasExpansion Ideas
administrative_ideasAdministrative Ideas
ENG_ideasEnglish Ideas
SWE_ideasSwedish Ideas
RUS_ideasRussian Ideas
SPA_ideasSpanish Ideas
NED_ideasDutch Ideas
DAN_ideasDanish Ideas
FRA_ideasFrench Ideas
TUR_ideasOttoman Ideas
VEN_ideasVenetian Ideas
PRU_ideasPrussian Ideas
POR_ideasPortuguese Ideas
POL_ideasPolish Ideas
HAB_ideasAustrian Ideas
CHI_ideasChinese Ideas
BAV_ideasBavarian Ideas
PER_ideasPersian Ideas
HUN_ideasHungarian Ideas
JAP_ideasJapanese Ideas
MAM_ideasMamluk Ideas
NAP_ideasNeapolitan Ideas
ARA_ideasAragonese Ideas
TIM_ideasTimurid Ideas
HSA_ideasHanseatic Ideas
MLO_ideasMilanese Ideas
BYZ_ideasByzantine Ideas
VIJ_ideasVijayanagar Ideas
AYU_ideasAyutthayan Ideas
NOR_ideasNorwegian Ideas
OMA_ideasOmani Ideas
KOR_ideasKorean Ideas
BOH_ideasBohemian Ideas
ITA_ideasItalian Ideas
MCH_ideasManchu Ideas
PAL_ideasPalatinate Ideas
NOV_ideasNovgorod Ideas
ETH_ideasEthiopian Ideas
DAI_ideasDai Viet Ideas
SAV_ideasSavoyard Ideas
SAX_ideasSaxon Ideas
LIT_ideasLithuanian Ideas
berber_ideasBerber Ideas
indian_muslim_ideasIndian Sultanate Ideas
horde_ideasHorde Ideas
theocracy_ideasDivine Ideas
default_ideasNational Ideas

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