All cheats for Europa Universalis 4:

Codes for Europe Universalis 4

We present you a list of all relevant cheats, with which you can get a huge set of advantages. Codes for getting occasions for war, groups of ideas, resources in the provinces, and much more.

Cheats in Europa Universalis 4 fall into two categories. The first type is console commands. Enter some code in Europe Universalis 4, press Enter and its effect is applied.

The second type of cheats are events. The fact is that in Europa Unversalis 4 there are a large number of different in-game events, many of which give very significant effects. You can learn more about codes of this type on the pages dedicated to them.

In addition, some console commands in Europe Universalis 4 are switches, that is, by re-introducing the effect of such cheats can be canceled. By the presence of the mark you can recognize these codes in the table.

How to enter cheats in Europa Universalis 4

All codes are registered using the console during the game. To open it and start to enter cheats, during the game of Europe Universalis 4 in the English layout, press ~ (tilde). If the console for codes does not open, switch the keyboard layout, most likely you have Russian language.

Table with all cheats for Europa Universalis 4

Input Code Execution Result
debug_mode Enabling this mode allows you to hover over a province to find out its identifier (ID) and owner’s country tag.
Simplifies the use of several other teams in Europe Universalis 4
date [] Cheat code sets the current in-game date
die (kill) [country] Carries out the death of the monarch in the specified state
add_heir [country] Adds an heir to the selected country in Europa Universalis 4
kill_heir [country] Cheat code for the death of the heir in the specified state
siege [Province ID] Completion of the siege in the selected province in favor of the besiegers
annex [country] Begin the process of annexation (accession) of the specified country in Europe Universalis 4. It should be your vassal
integrate [country] Cheat code for the beginning of the integration process of the selected state. It should be your junior partner in the union
vassalize [country] Makes the indicated country your vassal in Europa Universalis 4
discover [country] Makes the capital of the selected state visible to you
winwars Cheat code for maximum advantage points in all wars waged by your country
kill_cardinal Causes Cardinal's death in Europe Universalis 4
cash [number] Adds you the selected amount of money
population [province ID] [number] Cheat code adds a certain population to the specified province
setmissionaryprogress [province ID] [number] Sets the percentage of progress in the conversion of the selected province to another faith in Europa Universalis 4
manpower [number] Adds your country recruits. Without entering a value, it gives 50,000, and if you enter a number, it is multiplied by 1000
add_natives [Province ID] [number] Cheat code adds a certain number of Aboriginal people to the specified province
add_reformlevel [number] Adds a level of reform for the Holy Roman Empire
add_opinion [country] Improves relations with the selected state in Europe Universalis 4
add_pi [country] Cheat code adds points of influence to the Pope to the indicated country
add_pa [country] Adds patriarch authority to the selected state in Europa Universalis 4
add / remove_cb [ID of occasion to war] [country] Allows you to add or remove the desired motives for war against any desired countries. Learn more
tag [country] Cheat code switches control to the selected state
remove_defender_faith Removes the protector for the religion to which the player’s country belongs
add_missionary [country] Adds to the specified state an additional missionary in Europe Universalis 4
add_colonist [country] Cheat code adds an additional colonist to the selected country
add_idea_group [Idea group ID] Allows you to open for your state any groups of ideas available from Europa Universalis 4. Learn more
powerpoints [number] Gives monarch points of all three types. Without specifying the number will increase to a maximum
adm [number] Cheat code gives administrative points. Without specifying the number will increase to a maximum
dip [number] Gives diplomatic points. Without specifying the number will increase to a maximum
mil [number] Gives military glasses in Europe Universalis 4. Without specifying the number will increase to a maximum
piety [number] Cheat code gives piety points. Without specifying the number will increase to a maximum
stability [number] Gives stability points. Without specifying the number will increase to a maximum
imperial_authority [number] Increases imperial authority in Europa Universalis 4 by a specified number of points
prestige [number] Cheat code adds a certain amount of prestige to the player’s state
fow / debug_fow [Province ID] Removes the fog of war for the selected province or for the whole world, if not indicated
ti / debug_ti Opens for you all unexplored lands in Europe Universalis 4
revolt [Province ID] Cheat code allows a rebellion in a given province
pirate [Province ID] Causes pirates to appear in the specified province in Europa Universalis 4
legitimacy [number] Sets the legitimacy of your ruler to the chosen value
own [province ID] Cheat code makes you the owner of the specified province
controll [province ID] The specified province is now controlled by you (as if you were occupying it)

In addition, in Europe Universalis 4, you can enter the help code in the console to display all available commands. If you enter help [command name], all information related to the specified cheat will be displayed. This allows you to clarify how to use a specific team without minimizing the game.

Other cheat codes for Europa Universalis 4

The ability to cheat in this game is not limited to the above list of teams. We bring to your attention a few more sets of cheat codes and other options for obtaining advantages in Europe Universalis 4.

Useful in-game events

Forms of government, improvement of any aspect of the country and much more . Cheat codes for events will help with the technologies, traditions, taxes, military force and other components of the states in Europa Universalis 4. Learn more .

Getting Reasons for War

Often there is a situation when you want to attack, but there are no real reasons for this. Using these cheat codes will allow you to easily manage the reasons for the war in Europe Universalis 4, adding and removing them. Learn more .

Opening any groups of ideas

One of the key mechanics in Europa Universalis 4 is national ideas . Since they offer powerful bonuses, many players want to get them all. This will help cheat codes for opening groups of ideas. Learn more .

Getting resources in the provinces

Not happy that is being produced in your country? To solve this problem, a separate set of cheat codes is provided for events that give the provinces anything, including porcelain and ivory. Learn more .

Complete list of countries and their tags

A very important and useful table . In the game Europe Universalis 4, there are a lot of cheat codes that apply to other countries, and all of them use these abbreviated names of states to select the target. Learn more .