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As you can see, the list of different cheat codes for Europa Universalis 4 is really extensive. They allow you to slightly ease the game, and significantly strengthen your state. Cheat events, the list of which is below, bring even more interesting features.

We remind you that they are entered using the following code: event [event number]. The table below shows exactly the numbers that need to replace the second part of the team. For example, the event 4119 cheat code will trigger an event that increases the defensive strength of your forts by 25%. Line up the borders with forts, enter the cheat and make popcorn, but do not forget to also help the army.

Cheat Event List for Europa Universalis 4

Input Code Execution Result
revolution.10 Changes the form of government to a revolutionary republic
flavor_hol.3502 Changes the form of government to the Dutch or administrative republic
flavor_tib.1 Cheat code for changing the form of government to theocracy
flavor_mng.17 The form of government is changing to a feudal monarchy
flavor_mch.6 -20% technology cost at Europa Universalis 4
flavor_mch.3 Cheat code gives + 20% to army traditions
flavor_mng.04 Changes the resource of a random province to china
flavor_jap.1 Adds +10 mercantilism to your state
flavor_jap.39 Cheat code changes the resource in the provinces to tea
flavor_jap.51 +5 army traditions in Europa Universalis 4
4021 Allows you to gain +1 or +50 prestige
4022 and 4023 Increases your tax profit by 10%
4022 and 4028 Cheat code gives -10% to the cost of administrative technologies
4023 -10% of the cost of military technology
4024 and 4026 -10% of the cost of diplomatic technology
4025 -20% Stability Improvement Cost
4027 Cheat code adds + 2% to missionary success
4029 + 10% to taxes (income from duties)
4030 + 15% Spyware Attack/Defense
4031 +50 diplomatic points in Europa Universalis 4
4032 Cheat code gives +25 diplomatic points
4104 +0.1 to annual inflation reduction
4110 + 10% to the colonial range
4114 Cheat code increases army morale by 0.25
4115 +10 forcelimit limit in Europa Universalis 4
4116 Adds + 10% discipline
4117 + 15% reinforcement speed boost
4118 Cheat code gives + 10% to military force
4119 + 25% Forts Defensive Strength
4120 + 10% to protect the country from spies
5015 + 10% to military and naval traditions
5019 Cheat code adds + 50% to taxes
5023 Gives an additional merchant in Europa Universalis 4
5024 and 5026 +30 views of a random neighboring country
5027 +20 army traditions or +50 military points
5039 Increases the base tax or the number of recruits in the province
6418 Cheat code increases military power
6419 -5% local risk of rebellion
6423 +2 to the traditions of the navy
6426 Cheat code gives -5% to the price of heavy ships
9469 Birth of the heir. Gives a choice between Alexander (6 military), Caesar (6 adm.) And Johan (6 dip.)
6002 + 10% morale in Europa Universalis 4
5022 Colonist Cheat Code
5057 + 10% to the defensive strength of forts
5070 +15 trade efficiency
5099 Increase/decrease of mercantilism (to choose)
718 Cheat code to relieve fatigue from the war
737 Fortification of the random fortress
742 Adds Recruits to Europa Universalis 4
850 Gives legitimacy or prestige
853 Cheat code to remove inflation
857 + 10% to the increase in diplomatic relations
6502 Gives 3 squads (2 infantry and 1 cavalry)
9467 Cheat code for money and leadership points
9465 Gives money or prestige

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