All cheats for The Forest:

Cheats for The Forest (Console commands)

In this game cheats possess a wide range of features. With it’s help, you can change your character’s abilities and interact with the game world, items and enemies. Moreover cheats and console commands allow you to change the difficulty level, the weather etc.

Many of cheats are switches, it means that the effect given from one of the commands can be switched off. Such cheats marked in the table with the special sign.

At the end of the cheat there is a special ending that shows if the cheat is active or not. on or off. To switch off the cheat you should type the same cheat with opposite value. For example, cheat godmode on activates god mod, but godmode off switches this mod off.

How to use cheats in The Forest

Most of cheats needs an activation of a special console. To activate the use of the console, you need to type developermodeon in the main menu screen. After it you can load an old game or start new one. The notification, shows this mod is on in not provided.

After all the steps press F1 button while in game, it will open a special console for cheats input. You can also use an arrow keys to edit cheats you`ve inputted.

Main cheats and console commands for The Forest

The cheatExecute result
faststart onAllows to use a quick start(skipping the plane crash)
saveSaves game wherever you are in the The Forest world
revealcavemapCheat reveals all the map - surface and dungeons
goto [location]Instant teleportation to exact place. Learn more
cavelight onAdds lighting in the caves. Like a daylight
survival offturns off your character needs (food and water)
energyhack onturns on the infinite energy and stamina in The Forest
godmode onThe God mod. Two previous commands and adds an immune to the damage
setstat [index] [number]This cheat allows you to tune exact characteristic. Can be used for: health, stamina, energy, sanity, fullness. The value should be from 0 to 100. Also there is a command that boost all the characteristics to the maximal values
speedyrun onFaster running. Be careful while using this cheat, because if you move too fast, you can die
invisible onAllows you to walk and work underwater. Turns off the swimming effects, the paint, the dirt and the dust can be washed off only by the rain
buildhack onTurns on the creative mode, where you can build without any resource limitation
buildermode onThe same command as the previous one but also turns the God mode on and turns off all the enemies
itemhack onTurns on the unlimited consumables of theitems
addallitemsThis cheat adds all the existing items, without plot items
addallstoryitemsAdds all the plotitems such as keycard
additem [item]Adda item with an ID to your inventory
spawnitem [item]Cheat spawns exactitem in front of you
removeitem [item]Deletes all the copies of the item from your inventory предмета
buildallghostsBuild all of your projects in The Forest
cancelallghostsThis cheat removes all the subjects you’ve placed before
placebuiltobjects [building]Places any building or subject near you. Learn more
killallenemiesKill all your enemies that are in the game, but they can reborn. If you want to kill the warms you need to use a special console command killallworms. For the final boss there is a cheat killendboss
addclothingbyid [clothing]Cheat allows you to change the clothes to an any selected. Learn more
killclosestenemyInstantly kills nearest enemy
knockdownclosestenemyKnocks down your nearest enemy. Some of the enemies, for example creepy mutants, are insensitive to this cheat
enemies offTurns off all the enemies in The Forest
killallanimalsCheat kills all the animals, that are now in the game, but they can reborn
killclosestanimalCheat instantly kills selected nearest animal
animals offTurns off presence of all the animals (all the species) in The Forest
spawnanimal [Animal species] [number]Spawns an animal of the exact species. If you need only one animal, it is not necessary to type a number. All the species in The Forest: rabbit, lizard, deer, turtle, tortoise, raccoon, squirrel, boar, crocodile
terrainrender offThis cheat turns off the visibility of the landscape. You can walk anyways
timescale [number]Changes the speed of the game, where 0 – pause, 1 - normal speed, 2 and more – faster than normal. It is not recommended to change game speed into the very high values. To remove pause, press Esc two times
gametimescale [nubmer]Allows you to change cycle of the day and the night, change hunger, thirst,energy etc. It is alike with the previous console command, but using this one is much safer
lightingtimeofdayoverride [daytime]Sets the lighting into the selected one. Variants are possible:morning, noon, sunset, night or exact time(hour and minute, for example, 10:00). If it doesn’t work, input cheat lightingtimeofdayoverride on
allowsunshine offTurns off effects of the sun and the fog. Can affect on the range of visibility
setdifficultymode [difficulty]Cheat changes the difficulty in The Forest. Varients:peaceful, normal, hard, hardsurvival
setgamemode [mode]Sets the game mode. Variants: standard, creative, mod
checkdayChecks and displays what times of the day is it now in The Forest
advancedayCheat rewinds time in the game one day ahead
setcurrentday [nubmer]Sets current day in The Forest. You can use any number
forcerain [weather]Changes weather into selected type. Variants: light, medium, heavy, cloud, sunny (first three types are rains of different strength)
cutdowntrees [number]Cheat cuts down indicated count of trees. It can be number or percent (for example cutdowntrees 10%)
cutgrass [number]Cuts all the grass on the indicated radius around the player
growalldirtpilesCheat fills the puddles in The Forest. It can be useful for camouflage
plantallgardensCheat plants the beds, and then shows it’s count in the console
showgamestatsShows current game’s statistics. Represents different aspects of most of the game elements. Such as: days, trees, enemies, animals, food, builldings, items, weapon, infections etc.

Cheat buttons in the Creator mod

The cheatThe result
F2 or ~ (tilde)Shows or hides logs and technical status in The Forest
F3Shows or hides power, athleticism, calories and weight statistics

Cheats for The Forest without activating the console

Such cheats are of limited opportunities. You should enter it before you start the game - selected combination enters in the main menu screen. Most of such a cheats turn off while you enter the command again.

The cheatThe result
ironforestBuildings cannot be destroyed (In the The Forest buildings)
meatmodeCheat makes impossible using console commands (Cheats)
rawmeatmodeTurns off the final death mode. When the player dies, this save automatically deletes
regrowmodeAfter entering this cheat sleeping time will increase for 10%, from every cutted tree, only if it’s stumps are not destroyed
vegetarianmodeEnemies appear only in night time
veganmodeEnemies spawn only in caves
woodpasteDeletes all the holes made by the cutter

Some other cheats for advantages in The Forest

There are some extra opportunities for cheating . Let us show you some more cheats and other ways of getting interesting advantages in The Forest.

Teleportation to the other locations

There are a lot of interesting places in the game. Such as: caves, plot locations, items coordinates and many others. Cheats let you instantly teleportating between places by using coordinates. Узнать подробнее.

Getting different items

The Forest gives players a wide range of useful items, up to a selicic gun, that makes game process much easier. Using cheats gives you an opportunity of getting any of it. Learn more.

Placing buildings and items

One of the important parts of the game is building. Usually players don’t want to spend a lot of time on this action, in this case they can use help of the cheats. Moreover cheats open a lot of different and unusual types of buildings. Learn more.

Changing clothes to an any available

For many of the The Forest playersappearance is really important. Though choice of the clothes is not wide enough, using a console commands will help you to find a good one from all the represented variants. Learn more.