Codes for The Forest (console commands)

Cheats in The Forest have a lot of features. Using the codes for The Forest, you can change the capabilities of the character and interact with the game world, enemies, as well as objects. In addition, cheats and console commands on The Forest allow you to change the complexity of the game, the weather and much more.

Codes in The Forest are divided into two types: those that require developer mode, and those that do not need it. There are much more cheats of the second type and they are stronger in capabilities, more on this later.

Be careful: some of the codes in The Forest can have a serious impact on your game save.

Cheats on The Forest without console activation

They have quite limited capabilities. These codes are entered before the game - the selected combination must be dialed directly in the main menu of The Forest. Most of these cheats can be undone by reintroducing.

Input CodeExecution Result
ironforestBuildings cannot be destroyed (see The Forest settings)
meatmodeMakes it impossible to use console commands (cheat codes)
rawmeatmodeTurns on the mode of final death. When a player dies, this conservation in The Forest is erased
regrowmodeAfter entering the cheat code during sleep, 10% of all felled trees will grow if their stumps are not destroyed
vegetarianmodeMakes enemies appear only at night
veganmodeOpponents in The Forest can spawn only in caves
woodpasteCheat code cancels all holes made by a torch or crane

Key codes and console commands of The Forest

The cheats listed below require console activation. To access it, enter the developermodeon code in the main menu of The Forest, after which you can start a new one or load an old game. Notifications that the cheat mode has been activated are not provided.

Using the developer mode in The Forest gives some keys new functionality:

F1Opens or closes the console to enter cheat codes
F2 or ~ (tilde)Shows or hides the logs and technical status of The Forest
F3Displays or hides statistics of strength, athleticism, calories and weight

Finally, we list all the useful console commands in The Forest. In the console, you can use the arrow keys to edit the entered cheat codes.

twice cheat code
faststart on or offAllows you to use a quick start with skipping a plane crash
saveCheat code saves the game no matter where you are in the world
revealcavemapReveals for you the whole map of The Forest - both the surface and the dungeons
cavelight on or offTurns on or off the lighting in the caves, as if there is daylight
survival on or offWhen off, the cheat code disables your character’s need for food and water
energyhack on or offTurns infinite energy and stamina on or off in The Forest
godmode on or offGod mode. The previous two teams plus damage immunity and more
setstat [metric] [value]The cheat code makes the desired characteristic equal to the specified value. Options: health (health), stamina (stamina), energy (energy), sanity (sanity), fullness (satiety). The value should be from 0 to 100. Also in The Forest there is a setstat full command that raises everything to the maximum
speedyrun on or offIncludes a very fast run. Be careful with this cheat code, as you can die from moving too fast
invisible on or offMakes it so that you can walk and work underwater. Disabled swimming effects, and dirt, blood and paint are not washed off (except for rain)
buildhack on or offCheat code turns creative mode on or off, in which you can build without resource limits
buildermode on or offSame as the previous console command, but god mode is added and enemies in The Forest are turned off
itemhack on or offTurns on or off the unlimited expendability mode for items
addallitemsCheat code adds all existing items except plot
addallstoryitemsAdds all plot subjects, such as a key card
buildallghostsBuilds all the projects that you have posted in The Forest
cancelallghostsCancels all previously posted projects
killallenemiesThe cheat code kills all opponents who are in the game now, but does not prevent them from being reborn again. Worms in The Forest need to be killed by the killallworms console command. There is a killendboss cheat code for the final boss
killclosestenemyCauses instant death of the closest enemy
knockdownclosestenemyKnocks down the opponent closest to you. Some of them, including creepy mutants, are immune to cheat code
enemies on or offEnables or disables the presence of all kinds of enemies in The Forest
killallanimalsThe cheat code kills all animals that are currently in the game, although it does not prevent them from being reborn
killclosestanimalCauses instant death of the nearest animal
animals on or offEnables or disables the presence of all species of animals in The Forest
spawnanimal [type of animal] [value]Creates an animal of the selected species. If you only need one, a cheat code value is optional. All types of animals in The Forest: rabbit (rabbit), lizard (monitor lizard), deer (deer), turtle (sea turtle), tortoise (forest turtle), raccoon (raccoon), squirrel (squirrel), boar (boar), crocodile (crocodile)
terrainrender on or offControls landscape visibility in The Forest. You can walk anyway
timescale [value]The cheat code changes the speed of the game, where 0 - pause, 1 - normal, 2 or more - faster than usual. High values ​​are not recommended. The pause can be removed by pressing Esc
gametimescale [value]Controls the speed of the cycle of day and night, changes in hunger, energy, thirst, and so on. It looks like the previous console command of The Forest, but this one is safer to use
lightingtimeofdayoverride [time of day]Sets the game lighting to the selected. Options: morning, noon, sunset, night or a specific time (hour and minute, for example, 10:00). If it doesn’t work, enter the lightingtimeofdayoverride on
allowsunshine on or offTurns the effects of sunlight and fog on or off. Could have a big impact on visibility in The Forest
setdifficultymode [complexity]Cheat code changes complexity. Options: peaceful, normal, hard, hardsurvival
setgamemode [mode]Sets the game mode. Options: standard, creative, mod
checkdayChecks and displays the time of day, which is now in The Forest
advancedayCheat code rewinds in-game time one day ahead
setcurrentday [value]Sets the current day. Any number can be used
forcerain [weather]Changes the weather in The Forest to the selected one. Options: light, medium, heavy, cloud, sunny (the first three are rain of different strengths)
cutdowntrees [value]The cheat code cuts down the specified number of trees. It can be a number or a percentage (for example, cutdowntrees 10%)
cutgrass [value]Cut all grass in a specified radius around the player
growalldirtpilesFills all the muddy puddles in The Forest. They are useful for disguise
plantallgardensThe cheat code plants all the beds, and then displays their number in the console
showgamestatsShows the statistics of the current game. The cheat code reflects various aspects of most elements of the game, including: days, trees, enemies, animals, food, buildings, objects, weapons, infections and more

Console clothing change teams in The Forest

The game The Forest has the ability to change clothes using cheats. The code addClothingById [number] is used for this. A complete list of existing clothing categories is presented below.

Cheat codes for capsPink - 1, black - 2, blue - 3
Pants in The ForestJeans - 4, black - 5, camouflage - 6, khaki - 7, beige - 8
Long Sleeve ClothingDifferent hoodies - from 10 to 12, blue closed shirt - 13, blue jacket - 14, leather jacket - 15, red shirt - 17, blue long hoodie - 25, white long hoodie - 26, gray long hoodie - 27, Black V-Neck Hoodie - 28
Cheat Codes for VestsBlue - 18, green - 19, colorful - 20
T-shirts in The ForestWhite - 21, camouflage - 22, with a wolf - 23, gray - 24
Bath clothesRobe - 30, pants - 31
Cheat Codes for CostumesBlack formal suit - 9, stewardess suit - 29, tennis clothes - 32, pilot uniform - 33