Cheat Stellaris Resource List

A list of all resources that can be obtained directly or given to planets.

resource [resource] [number] adds some of the specified resource to your empire in Stellaris.

planet_resource [resource] [number] sets the amount of the specified resource extracted on the planet currently selected.

Input Code Execution Result
energy Energy loans
minerals Minerals
alloys Alloys
consumer_goods Consumer Products
food Food
physics_research Physical Research
society_research Social Research
engineering_research Engineering Research
influence Impact
unity Unity
sr_terraform_gases Terraforming gases
sr_terraform_liquids Terraforming Fluids
sr_garanthium Guaranteed Ore
sr_lythuric Lithuric gas
sr_teldar Teldar
sr_yuranic Jurantic crystals
sr_orillium Olive Ore
sr_pitharan Pitarian dust
sr_engos Angosian fumes
sr_neutronium Nontronium Ore
sr_living_metal Living Metal
sr_zro Zero
sr_dark_matter Dark Matter
sr_satramene Satramen Gas
sr_alien_pets Alien Pets
sr_betharian Vegetarian Stone
sr_riggan Riggan spices
sr_xuran Ksura-gel
sr_muutagan Muutagan Crystal
sr_nanites Nanomachines
exotic_gases Exotic Gases
volatile_motes flying dust
rare_crystals Rare Crystals