All cheats for Stellaris (console commands)

We present to you a list of all relevant codes with which you can get a huge set of advantages. Cheats for changing skills, claims, character traits, illnesses, artifacts and much more.

Please note: some console commands in Stellaris are switches, that is, by re-entering the effect of such codes can be canceled. By the presence of the mark you can recognize them in the table.

How to enter any cheats in Stellaris

All commands are registered using the console during the game. To open it and start entering codes, press ~ (tilde) during the game.

Table with all cheats for Stellaris

Input Code Execution Result
debugtooltip Shows the ID of the planet, population, leaders, and more. Allows you to get the identifiers needed for other console commands
cash [number] Gives the specified number of energy loans
minerals [number] Gives the specified amount of minerals to Stellaris
influence [number] Allows you to get influence points
unity [number] Gives the indicated number of unity points
society [number] Cheat code adds social research points to Stellaris
engineering [number] Adding Engineering Research Points
physics [number] Adds Physical Research Points
resource [resource] [number] Adds a certain amount of the specified resource to you in Stellaris
planet_resource [resource] [number] Sets the extraction of the resource on the selected celestial body
planet_size [number] Resizes the currently selected planet. Bet no more than 25
planet_class [class] The cheat code changes the class of the selected planet in Stellaris to any necessary. Learn more
grow_pops [number] Accelerates population growth on the planet currently selected.
The value must be between 0 and 100
add_ship [ship] Creates a new fleet with a ship of the specified type. Learn more
invincible Enables immortality mode for your ships in Stellaris
free_government Immediate reform of the political system
free_policies Removes all legal restrictions
tag [emp id] Cheat code switches control to the specified empire in Stellaris
instant_build Instant construction of ships and buildings
instant_colony Instantly populate new colonies
instant_move Instant ship movement in Stellaris
research_all_technologies Performs a study of all technologies. You can also study single technologies with the research_technology team [technology] . Learn more
finish_research Ends all ongoing research
debug_yesmen Cheat code forces opponents at Stellaris to always agree to your requirements
contact Unlocks all existing civilizations in the current game
activate_tradition [tradition] Activates the specified tradition in Stellaris. Learn more
activate_ascension_perk [bonus] Activates the specified aspiration bonus. Learn more
damage [number] Deals the specified amount of damage to the currently selected ship
survey Performs a full exploration of all the planets
skills 5 Cheat code sets the maximum level for all leaders in Stellaris
populate Populates all the slots of the selected planet
ftl Unlimited superlight leap. Useful for long-range reconnaissance
democratic_election Begins New Elections in Your Stellaris Empire
terraforming_resources [number] Adds terraforming resources to the currently selected planet
event [event] [Empire ID] Invokes triggered by any event for the specified empire. If you do not specify it, it will apply to you. Learn more
add_anomaly [anomaly] The cheat code adds an anomaly to the planet currently selected in Stellaris. Learn more
factions.spawnall makes all primitive races intelligent
planet_happiness [number] Gives the indicated amount of happiness to the currently selected planet
tweakergui terraincognita Opens the entire galaxy (the corresponding menu will be on the right)
add_opinion [emp id] [emp id] [number] Improves the attitude of the first empire in Stellaris to the second
own Capture (or colonize) the planet currently selected in the game
kill_country [country ID] Cheat code destroys the specified empire in Stellaris
kill_leader [leader ID] Killing the specified leader
kill_pop [Population ID] Destroys the specified population
kill_ruler Killing the current ruler in Stellaris
add/remove_trait_leader/species [leader/species ID] [dash] Gives or removes the selected trait from the specified leader or species. Learn more

In addition, in this strategy, you can enter help code in the console to display all available commands. If you enter help [command name], all information related to the specified cheat will be displayed. This allows you to learn all the intricacies of using a particular team without minimizing the game.

Other cheats for benefits at Stellaris

The ability to trick in this game is not limited to the above list of teams. We suggest you try a few more unique sets of codes and other options for obtaining advantages in the Stellaris strategy.

In-Game Resource List

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List of anomalies and their receipt

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Activation of traits of species and leaders

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Discover all the technology you need

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