Cheats for Hearts of Iron 4 (console commands)

Let us show you the list of all the actual codes. With these cheats help you can open a wide range of benefits in HoI 4. You can immediately complete the national focuses, get human resources, military equipment, list of country tegs and many other useful things in Hearts of Iron 4.

Pay attention: codes are not available both in the Ironman mode and in the Multiplayer. Developers of the global strategy HoI 4 prudently limited sphere of using cheats for players. It can be used only in singleplayer games without achievements.

Moreover many of the console commands in Hearts of Iron 4 are switches, which means that if you enter the command again it would be turned off. These codes for HoI are marked with special sign so you can easily find them in the table.

How to enter cheats in the Hearts of Iron 4

All the console commands are entered while in game. To open it and start entering codes for HoI 4, press ~ button (tilde) while you are in game.

Table with all cheats for Hearts of Iron 4

The codeExecution result
tdebugShows the debugging information, it will make using commands easier. Lets you know the country tag or ID of the province
ic/instantconstructionTurns on the instant building mode in the HoI 4
manpower [number]Adds indicated number of the human resources (10000000, if you won’t indicate any number). Also you can add themilitary equipment
pp [number]Increases your political power (999, if you won’t indicate any number)
nu [number]Adds indicated number of unity
fowCheat code turns off the fog of war (all the map in Hearts of Iron 4 becomes visible)
delall/deleteallunits [country tag]Deletes all the armies and fleets of the chosen state
frontsTurns on visibility of the enemy fronts
traderoutesTurns on visibility of the trading routes in HoI 4
adiplo/allowdiploDiplomatic actions perform without any limits
ai_acceptOther states always accept your demands because they are managed by AI
ai_invasionCheat code turns on the ability of the fleets of AI to perform the naval invasion in Hearts of Iron 4
focus.autocompleteTurns on the national focuses instant performing. It affects on the states managed by the AI. So pause the game please
add_equipment [number] [equipment]Allows you to get an indicated number of a military equipment, which you need for the army support in the HoI 4. Learn more
debug_nukingAllows you to perform an atomic attacks without conditions check
research allAllows you to instantly complete all the science branches
research_on_icon_clickActivates researcher mod right after you press the icon
annex [country tag]Cheat code allows you to start an annexation of the chosen state in Hearts of Iron 4
winwarsSets indicated number of the military points in your wars
tag [country tag]Switches the control to an any country
add_opinion [country tag] [number]Improves relationships with any country in the HoI 4 to an any value you need
add/remove_interest [country tag]Adds/deletes chosen state out of your interests list
add/remove_core [ID province]Creates/Cancels your country’s claims for the indicated lands
xp [number]Cheat code adds an indicated amount of experience to your armies and fleets in Hearts of Iron 4
wp [country tag]Allows you to make a white peace with concrete state
threat [number]Adds an indicated number of threat to your country (adds 999, if the number is not indicated)
instant_prepareAllows your flotilla to land instantly in HoI 4
civil war [war type] [country tag]Allows you to start a civil war in the concrete state.
Types of war: fascism, democratic и communism
add_party_popularity [ideology] [number]Increases any political party popularity.
variants: f (fascism), d (democracy), c (communism), n (neutral)
set_ruling_party [ideology]Cheat code sets the ruling party in Hearts of Iron 4 (ideologies are similar as in the previous command)
event political.18Changes your country’s ideology into the fascism
event political.19Sets the communism as your state's ideology
event political.20Changes your country’s ideology into the democracy

Also in the HoI 4 you can use a console command ‘help’ to see the list of all the available cheats. Otherwise if you type help [command name], you will get all the information about the code.

Other cheats and possibilities in the Hearts of Iron 4

The list of above commands is not the only way to trick in this game. Let us introduce you some more of the code sets and other ways of getting possibilities in the strategy HoI 4.

Equipment for army and technics

Will help you do deal with lack of a military resources, which you need for your army and vehicles in Hearts of Iron 4 being in the combat readiness. You can do it through the special cheat code in HoI 4 with a resource you need. Learn more.

The full list of countries and their tegs

Very important and helpful table for Hearts of Iron 4. There are a wide range of a commands in this strategy, that effect on other countries, and they all use a contracted states' names to select the target in HoI 4. Learn more.

Cheat codes for Hearts of Iron 4