Cheats for Euro Truck Simulator 2 (console commands)

We present to you a list of all relevant codes with which you can get a huge set of advantages. Cheats for money, police, fatigue, time transfer, teleportation and much more in ETS 2.

To use the commands in Euro Truck Simulator 2 you will need to activate the console. To start using the codes, open "My Documents" and find the ETS 2 game folder there. It contains the config.cfg file, in which using any text editor you need to change g_console "0" to g_console "1".

How to enter cheats in Euro Truck Simulator 2

To open the console for codes, while playing ETS 2, press ~ (tilde), and you should have an English layout. Therefore, if the console does not open, try switching the language. After opening it, enter the necessary command and press Enter.

All cheats on Euro Truck Simulator 2

Input Code Execution Result
g_police 0 or 1 Turns off the police at 0, turns it back on at 1
g_fatigue 0 or 1 Turns off fatigue in ETS 2 at 0, turns it back on at 1
g_traffic 0 or 1 Turns off cars on the road at 0, turns them back on at 1
g_set_time [hour] [minutes] Sets the desired time in Euro Truck Simulator 2. You can enter just an hour. This cheat code always moves time forward. If you transfer the time to 17:00 at 18:00, 23 hours will pass. Example: g_set_time 21 30
warp [value] Sets the simulation speed of the game, where 1.0 is normal. For example, 0.8 will give 80% of the simulation speed compared to the standard. First of all, it affects the movement of cars
g_minicon 1, then g_fps 1 After turning off the main console, it will open a miniature one in the upper left corner in ETS 2. It will display FPS and other technical data
g_income_factor [value] Changes the revenue ratio, where 1.0 is normal. Allows you to many times increase the amount of money that you will earn

All the tricks that give cheats can also be obtained by editing the Euro Truck Simulator 2 files. For this you need the config.cfg document, which is mentioned at the beginning of the article. It contains many parameters that can be edited by changing various features of the ETS 2. Their names coincide with the codes listed in the table above. Change everything you need, save the file and launch the game.

Cheat for getting free fuel

It’s activated not with some kind of code, but through the use of one trick in Euro Truck Simulator 2. To apply it, you need to go to a gas station and then start replenishing the fuel reserves of your truck. When the tank is full, do not leave immediately, as usual, but instead save the game and exit it.

Then open ETS 2 again, boot up and then leave. Refueling will forget to take money from you for fuel, as it usually happens when leaving. In fact, you will receive free gasoline even without using console commands.

Cheat on a free camera and teleportation

If you activated the console for codes, pressing the 0 (zero) button in the upper row of the keyboard activates the free camera mode. Thanks to this, you can move around the world of Euro Truck Simulator 2 without being tied to a truck.

Using the keys of the Numpad block, you can control the movement of the camera. Control is performed as follows: buttons 8, 4, 5, 6 will move you forward, left, back and right, respectively, and keys 9 and 3 will lift you up or down. You can look around in ETS 2 with the mouse.

If the camera is moving too slowly, use the g_flyspeed [value] cheat code in Euro Truck Simulator 2. The base speed corresponds to the number 100, respectively, when you enter 200, it will move 2 times faster. In some versions of the ETS 2 game, this is also regulated by the mouse wheel.

Now about teleportation. Firstly, in the free camera mode, you can move your truck to wherever you are using the F9 button. Secondly, Euro Truck Simulator 2 provides a goto [coordinate] cheat code that moves you anywhere. For example: goto -44831.8; 112.729; -40232.4 (x, y and z respectively).

Starting from version 1.11.1, this command can also be used with city names: when you enter goto berlin, you will be immediately transferred to Berlin in ETS 2. This is much more convenient than filling in the coordinates.

Cheat codes for Euro Truck Simulator 2