Cheats for Crusader Kings 3 (console commands)

We present to you a list of all current codes, with which you can get a huge set of benefits. Cheats for money, prestige, assassinations, character relationships and more in CK 3.

Please note that some of the console commands in Crusader Kings 3 are switches, so re-entering their effect can be canceled. By the presence of the mark you can recognize such codes for CK 3 in the table.

How to enter any cheats in Crusader Kings 3

To use any console commands, you first need to run CK 3 in a special mode for entering codes. There are several ways to do this, depending on which platform you are launching the game through.

If you are using Steam, to activate cheat mode, open your library, right-click on Crusader Kings 3, select "Properties" and in the window that appears, find the "Set Launch Options" button. Click it and enter -debug_mode in the line that opens, then save the changes. You can run!

The CK 3 game purchased through the Microsoft Store is launched in a mode for entering codes in another way. You need to open any text editor (for example, Notepad ++) and enter the following line there: start shell:AppsFolder\ParadoxInteractive.ProjectTitus_zfnrdv2de78ny!App -debug_mode. Then save this as a .bat file with any name. Using it will launch Crusader Kings 3 in cheat mode.

Finally, the last method is intended for those who run CK 3 via a direct shortcut to the exe-file of the game. Open the shortcut properties, where in the "Object" field add a space and the line -debug_mode . Launching the game using this shortcut will open access to the codes.

If everything went well, you can open the console by pressing the ~ (tilde) key.

Features of the cheat mode in Crusader Kings 3

The main difference between CK 3 and other Paradox Interactive games is the ability to perform many actions that usually require the use of codes at the touch of a button, which of course becomes available only when you start the game in a special mode according to the instructions above.

Firstly, right under the console itself there are a number of buttons, the functionality of which corresponds to a number of cheats in Crusader Kings 3. Secondly, when you click on a character portrait, you will have a number of additional options, such as changing relationships, moving, manipulating secrets, and much more. However, this functionality is often not enough, so below you will find a complete list of codes for CK 3.

Table with all cheats for Crusader Kings 3

Input code Result of execution
age [number] Set character age
cash [number] Increase the amount of money
add_piety [number] Increase Piety in CK 3
add_prestige [number] Increase prestige
dynasty_prestige [number] Increase Dynasty Recognition (Dynasty Points)
add_lifestyle_xp_all [number] The cheat code increases the experience of all branches of the development of the life path (development of perks in Crusader Kings 3)
ac Add a claim (you need to click on the character / province)
add_learning_lifestyle_xp [number] Increase scholarship experience
add_intrigue_lifestyle_xp [number] Increase Intrigue XP in CK 3
add_martial_lifestyle_xp [number] Increase military experience
add_stewardship_lifestyle_xp [number] Increase Management Experience
add_diplomacy_lifestyle_xp [number] Cheat code will increase the control experience in Crusader Kings 3
discover_all_eras Unlocks all possible technology improvements
know_schemes Uncover all intrigues
instabuild Fast build in CK 3 (in a couple of days)
instamove Rapid travel
help List of all commands
set_stewardship [number] Cheat code for setting the value of the basic (initially available to the character) control in Crusader Kings 3
set_martial [number] Set the values ​​of basic military affairs
set_learning [number] Set base learning value
set_intrigue [number] Set the amount of base intriguein CK 3
set_diplomacy [number] Set the amount of basic diplomacy
change_stewardship [number] Increase Basic Control
change_martial [number] Cheat code will increase base warfare in Crusader Kings 3
change_learning [number] Increase Basic Learning
change_intrigue [number] Increase Base Intrigue
change_diplomacy [number] Increase Basic Diplomacy in CK 3
set_prowess [number] Set Valor Value
Cheat codes for Crusader Kings 3