All working codes for Age of Empires 3

Here is a list of all the famous working cheats for our favorite game. Codes for food, wood, gold, export, an open card, special units and much more. Please note that some commands can be used only with The Asian Dynasties add-on - they have a mark (TAD) in the table.

How to enter cheats in Age of Empires 3

During the game battle, you need to open the chat by pressing the Enter button, enter the necessary code and send. If everything went well, the effect of the cheat will apply, but it will not be displayed in the chat. In multiplayer of the Age of Empires 3, codes will only work if the owner puts a checkmark in the creation of the room.

Table with all cheats for Age of Empires 3

Input Code Execution Result
a whole lot of love Adds 10,000 all resources (TAD)
trade plz Adds 10,000 exports to Age of Empires 3 (TAD)
medium rare please Cheat code adds 10,000 food
"censored" Adds 10,000 wood
give me liberty or give me coin Adds 10,000 gold to Age of Empires 3
nova & orion Cheat code adds 10,000 experience
x marks the spot Gives you a fully explored map
speed always wins Unit creation, construction, mining are accelerated by a cheat code 100 times. Repeated administration cancels. Affects all players in Age of Empires 3
a recent study indicated that 100% of herdables are obese Cheat code makes all your cattle fully fattened
sooo good The name of the killer pops up over the dead unit (for example, Musketeer'ed)
where's that ax? Gives Unit: George Hrugington in Age of Empires 3
ya gotta make do with what ya got Cheat code gives the unit: Medium Bombard, shooting tapirs
tuck tuck tuck Gives you a unit: Tomminator (monster truck)
wee ooh wee ooh Gives Unit: Evil Andy (Monster Truck) in Age of Empires 3
ding ding ding Cheat code gives unit: Monster Ice Cream Truck
wuv woo vol.2 Gives Unit: Purple Flying Tapir
o canada 2005 Gives Unit: Laser Bear in Age of Empires 3
don't kick the pitbull A cheat code gives you a unit: Lericorn
we <3 fluffy! 1! Gives you a unit: Cannon in Age of Empires 3
mustard relish and burning oil Gives Unit: Flaming Hot Dog Cart (TAD)
this is too hard Cheat code for instant win in script

Please note! In Age of Empires 3, when you enter cheat codes to receive any units, they will appear at the building to which deliveries from the metropolis are assigned. If, for example, you built a fort near the enemy, do not forget to switch the delivery of supplies to it.

Cheats of other species for Age of Empires 3

For many players, it’s no secret that there are more cunning ways to gain an advantage in the game than just codes. Most often they are used in a multiplayer game, yet in Age of Empires 3 it is much more interesting to beat real opponents. The most harmless - 40 cards in the deck (almost useless in rush games), as well as dummy metropolises that give bonuses to other nations in the Age of Empires 3, which can’t be achieved with cheat codes.

However, there are more frank methods of unfair play, which can also be used in the official licensed multiplayer Age of Empires 3. The game community even created a special patch, one of the changes being the blocking of cheat codes and the like in the Age Empires 3. Therefore, we recommend that you develop your gaming skills and win more often, instead of looking for ways to hack.