All working cheats for Age of Empires 1

We present to you a list of all relevant codes with which you can get a huge set of advantages. Resources, an open game map, special units and much more in AoE 1. Also works in the Rise of Rome add-on and in the Definitive Edition.

Some cheats in Age of Empires 1 are switches, that is, by re-introducing their effect can be canceled. By the presence of the mark you can recognize such codes for AoE 1 in the table.

How to enter cheats in Age of Empires 1

To enter codes during a game battle in AoE 1 you need to open a chat by pressing the Enter button, enter the desired combination and send.

Table with all cheats for Age of Empires 1

Input Code Execution Result
pepperoni pizza Adds you 1000 food
coinage Gives your country 1000 gold
woodstock Adds you 1000 wood in AoE 1
quarry Gives your country 1000 stones
king arthur All birds change to dragons
grantlinkspence The cheat code replaces the names of all animals in Age of Empires 1, adding "king" to them
pow or pow big mamma Gives you the unit "Child" - a giant kid on a bicycle with a bazooka
e=mc2 trooper Gives a super infantryman firing nuclear shells
stormbilly Gives your country the bipedal robot "Zug 209" in AoE 1
photon man Allows you to get a soldier with a laser gun
givemenuke Adds you a soldier with a bazooka in the style of the XX century
bigdaddy and big momma Both cheat codes give cars with a rocket launcher. The second option in Age of Empires 1 deals 5 times less damage per shot, but it shoots 5 times faster
convert this! Summons Saint Francis to shoot lightning bolts every 3 seconds. Technologies affecting priests influence him too
big bertha Turns all kinds of catapults into Big Berts. They are stronger, they shoot further, they have a larger radius of destruction
upsifflintmobile Increases the movement and firing speed of chariot archers in AoE 1
flying dutchman Juggernauts and their predecessors turn into flying ships
black rider Makes all types of horse archers Black Riders. After their death, catapults, heavy catapults or Big Bertas appear
medusa Cheat code makes workers jellyfish. After their death, Black Riders will appear in Age of Empires 1
homerun Winning the current game
resign Instant defeat in the current game
kill [value] Kills an adversary occupying a selected place in the AoE 1 game account, for example kill3. If you enter a number that no one matches, the game crashes
player [value] Switches control to the selected player according to the place in the game account
diediedie Destroys all units and buildings of opponents, which leads to your victory
gaia Cheat code allows you to control animals in Age of Empires 1, but you will lose control over your country. This effect cannot be undone, so to return to the game you need to save in advance
reveal map Gives you a fully explored map
hari kari Kill all the characters in the current game. Leads to failure if you do not have Black Riders or Jellyfish
no fog Removes the fog of war - you see what happens on the whole map in AoE 1
steroids Buildings and units are now built instantly, resource collection is also instant. Affects everyone in the current game
icbm Increases the ballistic range by 100 units. True, their viewing radius does not change

Please note! When you enter any of the above teams to receive new units, they will appear at your city center in the current game.

Cheat codes for Age of Empires 1