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Runes for Veigar

Lots of powerful slows plus huge amount of CDR for active items

We offer you Veigar runes for ADC №1 with a description of everything contained in this build, which will allow you to better understand all its strengths. We ask you to pay attention that it can be universal or pretty situational.

Below on this page you will see what you need to take - the main branch, additional, as well as characteristics. At the same time, in the text you can familiarize yourself with the useful properties of this build.

Detailed description of build features

You can get detailed information about all runes, as well as find out any of their numerical values, at the stage of setting them up in the game client using the option in the lower left corner.

PositionWhat to choose
Primary pathInspiration
KeystoneGlacial Augment
AdditionalMagical Footwear, Biscuit Delivery, Cosmic Insight
Secondary pathDomination
Slots in itTaste of Blood, Ingenious Hunter
Stats9 adaptive force, 9 adaptive force, 6 armor

The main path for the champion Veigar is Inspiration. In it, you will need to choose one keystone rune, as well as three additional ones with less influence.

Glacial Augment is used as the keystone rune. With its help Veigar will be able to constantly slow down opponents. The rune is triggered by auto attacks and has a very small cooldown, with a separate one for each enemy. And if you slow down the enemy with the active effect of any item (GLP-800, Twin shadows, etc.), an entire area of powerful slowdown is formed under him.

Magical Footwear are a good source of cost savings, and even give a little more speed. Biscuit Delivery will provide health and mana on the lane, as well as increase the maximum amount of the latter. Cosmic Insight allows you to get 5% CDR from the very beginning of the game, increase the maximum reduction in cooldown, and also speed up the cooldown of summoner spells and items by the same value.

The secondary path is Domination. Here you need to choose two additional runes for Veigar.

Taste of Blood is a great way to maintain a high amount of health on the lane. Ingenious Hunter will allow you to use items and vision accessories as often as possible.