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Runes for Blitzcrank

Controlling summoner spells plus a lot of mobility for aggression

We offer you Blitzcrank runes for supp №9 with a description of everything contained in this build, which will allow you to better understand all its strengths. We ask you to pay attention that it can be universal or pretty situational.

Below on this page you will see what you need to take - the main branch, additional, as well as characteristics. At the same time, in the text you can familiarize yourself with the useful properties of this build.

Detailed description of build features

You can get detailed information about all runes, as well as find out any of their numerical values, at the stage of setting them up in the game client using the option in the lower left corner.

PositionWhat to choose
Primary pathInspiration
KeystoneUnsealed Spellbook
AdditionalHextech Flashtraption, Biscuit Delivery, Cosmic Insight
Secondary pathSorcery
Slots in itNimbus Cloak, Celerity
Stats1-10% CDR (by level), 6 armor, 15-90 health (by level)

The main path for the champion Blitzcrank is Inspiration. In it, you will need to choose one keystone rune, as well as three additional ones with less influence.

Unsealed Spellbook is used as the keystone rune. With its help Blitzcrank will be able to constantly change summoner spells. The rune shows itself very well in the later stages of the game, when you can take the most profitable spells in this situation and get an advantage thanks to this (for example, steal Nashor with the help of Smite, unexpected for the enemy).

Hextech Flashtraption will allow to play unexpected initiations when the opponent is not ready for this and does not have time to escape. Biscuit Delivery will provide health and mana on the lane, as well as increase the maximum amount of the latter. Cosmic Insight allows you to get 5% CDR from the very beginning of the game, increase the maximum reduction in cooldown, and also speed up the cooldown of summoner spells and items by the same value.

The secondary path is Sorcery. Here you need to choose two additional runes for Blitzcrank.

Nimbus Cloak will give the champion a good movement speed boost after using a summoner spell. Celerity will enhance any movement speed buffs affecting you, be it other runes, champion skills or external causes.