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Ahri mid №5 for season 10 in League of Legends

Introducing the runes that will provide the champion lots of slows for your enemies plus huge amount of CDR for active items. A detailed description of everything that is contained in it will allow you to fully understand its strengths and weaknesses.

Below on this page you will see what you need to take – the main branch, additional, and slots with stats. Also you can find out the advantages of the option. Keep in mind that it may not always be ideal for your situation depending on team compositions.

Lots of slows for your enemies: build for Ahri

You can get detailed information about all runes, as well as find out any of their numerical values, at the stage of setting them up in the League of Legends client using the option in the lower left corner.

Keep in mind that this is just one of the options, so we recommend you to check them all. Depending on the situation, their priority may change, for example, due to the composition of the teams or the opponent in your role.

  1. Inspiration
  2. Glacial Augment
  3. Magical Footwear
  4. Minion Dematerializer
  5. Cosmic Insight
  6. Domination
  7. Cheap Shot
  8. Ingenious Hunter
  9. 9 adaptive force
  10. 9 adaptive force
  11. 8 magic resistance

Glacial Augment is used as the keystone. With its help Ahri will be able to constantly slow down opponents. The rune is triggered by auto attacks and has a very small cooldown, with a separate one for each enemy. And if you slow down the enemy with the active effect of any item (GLP-800, Twin shadows, etc.), an entire area of powerful slowdown is formed under him.

Magical Footwear are a good source of cost savings, and even give a little more speed. Minion Dematerializer provides lane control and roaming opportunities for champions who lack waveclear. Cosmic Insight allows you to get 5% CDR from the very beginning of the game, increase the maximum reduction in cooldown, and also speed up the cooldown of summoner spells and items by the same value.

Cheap Shot will serve as a constant source of additional damage to enemies after applying any control to them. Ingenious Hunter will allow you to use items and vision accessories as often as possible.

The choice of defensive stats depends on your opponent. If he relies on attack damage, then take armor, otherwise you will need magic resistance. You can take health if you are playing blind pick or it is not clear who your opponent is.